We have come a long way since our best essay help beginnings in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Our interest and curiosity of the massive and diverse US market prompted us to invest time in the import business of chocolate, sweets and liquor market expansion and position in the U.S.

Our pull here confronted us with an ultimate challenge and we began focusing on the Tri-State area (New York, New Jersey and Connecticut). We have had the opportunity to visit these states on a regular basis, and that gave us the ability to unravel some exciting new sales plans that are now going to be put in motion.

Before taking the hellomd long awaited steps towards launching the products we have grown to appreciate and respect this astonishing market. Both in Argentina and the USA, we did an extensive research in all areas; ports of entry, vessel travel time, distribution, warehouse storage, FDA (Food and Drug Administration) regulations, import regulations, taxes, pricing, sales planning, and sales strategy. Since our official relocation almost two years ago, we are proud to share that we are now ready to put our foot down and launch the most spectacular import of chocolates, sweets and liquors into the US market, starting with the Tri-State area.

Join us in the future success of Dayan And Sons LLC in the US market and bear witness in revolutionizing the chocolates and liquors market that has yet much room for expansion and growth.