The format of our company in the United States originates from the Dayan family food business that began in 1969 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. For over 45 years the world’s best chocolates and alcoholic beverages were available solely through the prestigious family owned gourmet shops, and through the innovative nationwide distribution while working with some of the elite chocolate brands such as BACI from Italy, MOZART Bonbons from Austria, Cote d’Or from France, Lacasa from Spain, and Alpia from Germany –just to name a few─.


Our Company President is a third generation Dayan, who from an early age was pleasantly exposed and surrounded by sweets and liquors from various parts of the world. As all integral members of the firm, Mr. Dayan was educated in American schools, and as an adolescent gained much knowledge and experience working in an american institution. The knowledge gained throughout those years prepared, inspired and enabled him to start an import business of his own in the 1990’s. Through many years of hard work and dedication he had become one of the top ten importers in Argentina, from chocolates, sweets and liquors imported from all over the world. Now you are about to bear witness as we re-begin our journey in the U.S. market.