As our supplier, we become partners in the success of the products that are imported, which is one of the reasons we strongly stress such importance in marketing, and the proper publicity and promotions to both our company and the products we represent. The marketing field is a diverse and ample one, and we could devote an entire web page to this line of work and its impact. On your left you will find explanations on various marketing concepts, and links to acquaint you with a handful of techniques we have used to achieve our success throughout the years.

We are also providing you with a list of other marketing ideas we have used for our company, and we are going to share with you the countless preparations done from the moment we place an order with you, until the goods arrive in our warehouse and are subsequently delivered to the consumer. We believe image is very important, and we invest much time and money into developing the necessary selling tools for prosperous sales. Please read the following ideas and techniques we have used.

For information on how you can participate in these promotions and publicity events please contact us to participate in selected promotions.

  1. Bi-Annual Price List: Booklet / catalogue type price list with cover displaying the Dayan And Sons LLC/Moisés G. Dayan logo (with the opportunity to display your company logo and products on the front and back cover). The price list provides the name of the company, its origin, product description, unit price and suggested retail price.
  2. Sales Staff Product Portfolio: Each and every sales person is given a charismatic portfolio complete with pictures (catalogue or leaflets) of the products we import, with a concise description of the item. This portfolio is at times solicited by special buyers of important outlets so they may study it, review it and decide the range of products to order.
  3. Dayan And Sons LLC./MG Dayan triptych: A tri-fold folder exhibiting photographs of our company offices, personnel, warehouse, etc., and a description of our structure, our goals, and company profile. On the front and back cover is a collage of the products we represent, where your company logo and product can dominate the lay out.
  4. Dayan And Sons LLC/MG Dayan bags: In our “delicatessen” shops in and the respective franchised stores, our customers walk out with a strong and admirable bag with our logo, address and telephone number. Your company logo and/or products can be included.
  5. Display windows, meeting rooms and Show rooms: We take pride in the display windows in our shops, where pedestrians are lured to admire them and sup into our shops. In our office, we have a meeting room where our sales persons can take the time to show our clients the actual products from our showroom display. The display windows are done by a professional designer, taking care of the exposition of each and every company and their products.
  6. Dayan And Sons LLC/MG Dayan specialized restocking personnel: We hire an exclusive staff to visit the larger retail outlets and fix, arrange, and restock our items on the shelves,  insuring an orderly display of our products and keeping up with stock and turn over.