It is with pride that we offer you the opportunity to display your range of fine products in one of our selective spaces in our attractive showrooms, (including a special arrangement of your company logo) in Buenos Aires and Capital Federal in Argentina and Manhattan, Brooklyn, and New Jersey in the USA. Your company logo will be displayed together with a full presentation of the selected products, in what will be an excellent exposure of your company to the visiting clients.
You will be able to choose the back light colors, and your preferred art work approved by your company prior to the display. We will send you a photo of said display for you to view to your company headquarters.

The promotional display will be exhibited from one season.
The display you applied for will be ready for showing thirty (30) days after the signing of the contract.
Please note that we only allow one display box/area per supplier, we offer an option of either small, medium or large. Upon approval and availability we may grant one small and one medium display or one small and one large. Please ask for further details.

We also offer your company the following opportunities to promote and display your fine product line such as elegant individual display cases/slots located in the entry hall of the supermarkets, retail stores and wholesalers.

Recently our marketing and sales staff has met to come up with new and innovative selling promotions and techniques. Following is our proposal to be implemented with a selection of products and your company has been chosen to participate.

The promotion consists of a large sturdy poster size advertisement that will be placed on a stand (similar to an elegant illuminated menu stand located in the front of fine restaurants presenting the selection offered). The idea is to make a distinctive stand of fine quality with an arrangement of the products we import and distribute. The stand would be placed in an appropriate location in the stores of our clients, giving the consumer a “menu” of choices upon entering the shop or catching his attention while passing by the retail outlet.

We have thoroughly discussed the idea with our notable clients and they are eager to try it. We are confident that this will be an excellent promotion, and it counts with the advantage of unlimited time.

Contact us now and keep in mind that these “menus” will be viewed by ten million people from New York, New Jersey and Connecticut and two million in Buenos Aires and Capital Federal.

A photograph of your product exhibition will be sent to you to view.