In Dayan And Sons LLC and MG Dayan we believe that a company catalog is a reflection of the company and the products it represents, and we are very careful in what and how we make up our catalogs. We consider it such an important aspect of our company profile that we have dedicated this page to explain and describe to you how we present our company and yours, what steps and preparations are taken, how we choose the pictures to be displayed, and sales expectations. Here on our web site there is more information on this and how you can include your products.

There are three catalogue categories that we distribute to our clients and consumers:

1) The first is a catalogue that is sent to people homes, directly to current customers and potential new ones. This catalog offers you all types of products specials such as P.U.S.P.U.P (Price You See Price You Pay), credit application (see restrictions), Free Shipping in certain regions, Kosher products, precise explanation of each product and its contents, plus more!

2) Gift catalog: –This catalog is devoted exclusively to special occasions.– It shows gifts of all sizes, shapes, prices, corporate accounts, and personal gifts. This catalog is distributed to businesses as well as homes, and will be available during special holiday seasons throughout the year- such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Easter etc.

3) The third and final is the Trade Catalog: – This catalog presentation will be distributed to the trader only –wholesalers, retailers, and supermarkets-. Inside this catalog there is an abundant amount of information about each product – size, weight, selling cases, case weight, price per case, volume discounts, and country of origin. Our catalogs are important because we strongly believe that a product must be as beautiful as it tastes. With our catalog presentation we are sure that they will be attractive and appealing to the buyers; and, with the detailed information provided about each product, selling them will surely be a success.