As a supplier, our products are an essential key to our success. We would like to inform you of the countless preparations done from the moment we place our order with you; until the goods arrive in our warehouse and are in the hands of our customers.

Dayan And Sons LLC and MG Dayan believe that a solid company image is a necessity. We invest much time and money into developing the necessary tools for prosperous and steady sales. Following is an explanation of all the materials, ideas and requirements that are implemented. We offer a yearly allowance for the costs of these materials and projects.

The pillar of our success and positive recognition of the products we represent in the imported confectionary market -in Argentina and in the tri-state area (USA), is the manner in which our sales department sells the product to the various outlets throughout the country.

Prior to the selling campaign, our sales department is educated thoroughly about the products we represent. This gives the salesperson a link to the new product, and motivation to see it succeed.

In our weekly sales meeting we hand to our sales staff all the necessary material to properly prepare them to service our potential clients with samples that they may require.

Please note, if you are currently a supplier to our company or are soon to be one, please contact us in order to fill out the promotions contract.

Sales Portfolio: With the company catalogues you supply us with, our marketing staff puts together a sales portfolio in a charismatic folder and that is easy to carry and made of durable material for our sales persons to use during their visits to our clients. Contact us to participate!

Bi-annual price list booklet: The price list is made up twice a year with our marketing department; it is printed in good quality paper and designed to look fresh throughout the season. The care is taken to separate the price list in categories of products, companies and countries. Contact us to participate!

With the first container of the season (and for new products in
future orders), 2% free of charge merchandise for exposition to be used in our showrooms (as listed below), so that you can supply your customers with a notable exhibition of your company products. Contact us to participate!

With the first container of the season, 2% free of charge merchandise for promotions, taste testing in various important outlets throughout Argentina and the tri-state area (USA), samples for supermarket data entry (upC codes, product name and description, and approval by a competent health authority through private analysis, etc.). Contact us to participate!

Dayan And Sons LLC and MG Dayan have good experience when it comes to promotional work with satisfaction and immediate results. The following promotions have had very good results and we must continue on a regular basis with them in order to maintain continuity in the market with success.

Supermarket: Localized points of sales. Our restocking personnel to restock, organize and maintain the order of products on the shelves, and guarantee the continuity of the turnover. Contact us to participate!

Supermarket Magazine: a monthly magazine that reaches over 370,000 household that will include a photograph and description of your company product with a special promotion. Contact us to participate!

The costs for the promotional and marketing materials plus discounts will be deducted from the invoice of the first shipment after the contract signature date.

We count with your support and cooperation to develop a mutually successful and beneficial business relationship between our companies.