The POP materials are an essential and important selling tool. POP is short for Post Office Protocol, a protocol used to retrieve e-mail from a mail server. As you read on you will understand the three main reasons for POP materials.

1) It is expected and projected to receive POP for the items ordered, regardless of the sales channel. All sellers want to publicize the merchandise they have as it is actually a boost for sales, and not a bother to stores, wholesalers, or supermarkets.

2) When the POP materials are displayed, such as posters or stands; or when stickers and T-shirts are given out, the acceptance is phenomenal, and simply through these promotional items and events the products are recognized, elevating sales and distributing growth.

3) The low cost of stamping and imprints both in Argentina and in the USA, and the advantage of having our own staff of design allows our marketing to develop an appealing campaign of POP goods, and organize events for the launch of the products into this lucrative market. Plus, with your collaboration of POP items from your company guarantees us to distribute accordingly. We hope that we have conveyed to you clearly these three main points and the importance of all publicity, promotional items and events in this market. We count on your cooperation in providing us with the maximum amount of POP items available to you for this joint venture in Argentina and the tri-state area in the USA.