Taste testing can guarantee you the satisfaction of knowing what you are buying. If you taste what you are buying before you actually buy it, the purchase that you will ultimately make is done by your approval of the product, not only by site, but by your liking of the taste. It is rare to come across any type of taste testing in food stores or gourmet shops, and the strange thing about this is that 90% of those inquired stores feel that taste testing is an excellent incentive to introduce a product into the market. Big brand names have done this method of promotions only to lose control over the aim of the introduction of a new product. What is needed is innovation, and most importantly a realistic goal. The suppliers and the store owners alike are willing to give it a try. The only missing piece is, the organization to conduct a successful and effective taste testing promotion with order, a clear inclusive vision, and a quality of market inventory.

Additional details and information pertaining to taste testing promotional ideas and pinpointing what products to be used from your line for the joint venture of this very effective campaign will be discussed and informed to you to participate in our “Taste our product and be happy”.