We live in a world with constant innovation and change, and we want to stress the importance of being simple and to the point with regard to the various sales channels in our market.You will find an explanation of each of these classifications. We are also going to present our company’s sales concept with an example of a particular product, how it would be presented and offered, and how it’s going to ultimately optimize the opportunities of selling.

Our sales & facilities page gives our clients the most convenient and easiest way to purchase merchandise, and for that we have created several sales options. This includes our team of salespersons that we have placed in the states’ retailers, wholesalers, supermarket chains, large chain stores, pharmacies, general stores, gas station stores, franchise stores, hotels, restaurants etc.

The success with our twice a year delivery to 750,000 households is just one of the many things we do to keep our clients and consumers up to date with our product line. In addition, we send a monthly newsletter pamphlet and/or leaflets to our potential and loyal clients advertising our sales and special offers given on our web site, including the information needed to know where to enter to view special events, and our continuous promise to deliver within 48 hours, no matter where to or the quantity ordered (providing stock availability).

We also make buying a breeze by accepting payments from all major credit cards. We also strongly recommend that you obtain our very own LoveChocolata credit card, which includes financing through the FC Investment bank, where our clients or consumers can apply and obtain credit.

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What more do we offer?

We commit ourselves in bringing you the best chocolates, sweets and liquors from around the world.

We hand deliver them to your door step, with the option of minimum payments.

And, as you enjoy our delicious delicacies on your comfortable sofa, we share with you our sincere thoughts that our groups at Dayan And Sons and MG Dayan are comforted by the fact that our clients and consumers are satisfied and contented, and with you as our main reason for continuing our efforts in providing you with outstanding service, and reaching our goal of being the best and #1 in price, quality, and customer service.