Large mega stores and supermarkets are used by lots of countries including Argentina and the U.S.A., offering consumers a wide variety of products under one roof.

Any company aspiring to sell large volumes of products must dedicate an important section to this sales channel. Marketing plays a key role in a business, the reason being because successful sales such as these require prior arrangements with due costs as to where, and how long the product will be displayed in the best selling spots.

It is essential for the new line of products in the market to be presented and showed in these stores. As we are well aware that the introduction and precise exposure in this sales channel of supermarkets and mall is costly, we are willing to invest our maximum capability to correctly introduce and keep our products lines on the shelves with constant and steady consumers. We also have the capability to know that, in order to maintain a neat presentation and upkeep of the product line in the aisles, we must restock and have a dedicated employee fixing and piling the merchandise in the right manner including all the publicity material – POP is available to us and wanted and expected by the buyers. Our objective is to do all these things, and maintain our pledge to give the utmost in customer service.

We will do our best to exhibit your products in the best shelf and display position possible. However, the costs put in to managethis are relatively high, and for that we must count on your collaboration, as well as ours, to cover these costs involved.

The marketing techniques are timely and costly, but always effective. Therefore, it is a reliable and constant selling tool, with the goal being that consumers will go looking for our items in the store aisles.