This sale segment is a very diverse one.

No one has yet been able to give us a complete and concise answer to our question of what a wholesaler really is.

There was a time in business that a wholesaler was traditionally considered the “right hand man” of a manufacturing company that would distribute the goods that were produced. Today, business is more complex. There are retail stores that sell and reach more consumers than a wholesaler, and there are also wholesalers that sell more variety than a supermarket.

We are careful and aware of respecting prices with the wholesaler distributor. We understand how the business tree works, the wholesale distributor sells only in bulk and quantity, and then it gets sold store to store; with the latter we understand and know the higher cost involved with this area of distribution, and we price and sell accordingly.

Our company is vastly experienced in all the different sales channels, and is very cautious and guarded with regard to the price lists. We strive to make the products we import a profit maker for you, and most importantly we avoid price wars with competitors and extravagant publicized sale prices by selling to each sales channels the right product and prices.

Because of the distinction we make, our product reaches all different outlets and ultimately the consumer at a price workable and loved by all.